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Our tattoos embody a charm that you’ll love for a lifetime. Trust your tattoo vision to our team of professional artists at Magic Tattoo. We pride ourselves on a friendly, professional, and most importantly, personalized approach. We will work with you to understand your desires and requirements, creating a tattoo that perfectly suits your body and reflects your life philosophy.


We’ve been a professional tattoo salon for over 15 years! Each of our artists brings years of experience.

Remember, a tattoo is more than a temporary adornment; it’s a lifelong commitment. So choose the best – Magic Tattoo.

Established in 2008, we’ve built a loyal clientele who return for our quality service. We stay updated with tattoo industry trends, exploring new styles and employing the latest technology to ensure your tattoo is both beautiful and timeless. We’ll assist with choosing the style, size, placement, and ink color for your tattoo.

We use state-of-the-art vegan tattoo inks, certified to meet strict EU standards and adhere to rigorous hygiene protocols. Whether you opt for our open tattoo area for a shared experience or a private room in our parlor for more intimate tattoos, we always provide personalized service tailored to your needs and desires. Our studio’s work is proudly worn by professionals from various fields, including celebrities like Mahulena Bočanová, Martin Gabko, Jan Kopečný, Kateřina Svitková, Jana Poštová, and other renowned figures.


Chosen your theme, location, and artist? Get ready for your big day!

Avoid alcohol and other intoxicants on the day of your tattoo. Make sure to be well-rested and well-fed. You can bring a friend for support. Remember, tattooing demands high concentration, so try not to disturb the artist too much.

During your consultation, you’ll meet with your artist to discuss your vision. Once comfortable in the tattoo chair, the artist will shave and disinfect the chosen area, then apply a stencil of your design. The tattooing involves quick, precise needle jabs to embed the ink about 1 mm under your skin. Afterward, the tattoo is disinfected and covered with a special surgical film or a protective liquid spray. Proper aftercare is crucial. You’ll need to apply an ointment, as recommended by your artist, during the healing process, which can take days to weeks. See our tattoo care guide for more details.

Tattoo Prag


Tattoos are for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type. Indulge in the magical experience of getting tattooed.

Our professional tattoo artists respect your body and your wishes. Different body parts require varied tattooing approaches. For instance, a tattoo on the hand might be tolerable, while one on the neck or ribs could be more uncomfortable. We’ll advise on the most suitable and potentially less painful areas for your tattoo, especially if you’re worried about discomfort. If you’re new to tattooing, we’ll guide you through the process and aftercare.

However, remember that some find the pain involved in tattooing to be part of the challenge.

If you’re nervous about getting a tattoo, we ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. Mild anesthesia is available if needed, though it may prolong the healing process. Together, we’ll make sure your tattoo experience is a success. You can do it, just like thousands of our satisfied clients before you!


Active and spontaneous? Looking for an immediate tattoo in Prague? Drop by our studio! Just call or visit us, and we’ll tattoo you without a prior appointment. Whether it’s a spontaneous choice or a simple, well-thought-out idea, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to know exactly what you want; our studio is full of designs to inspire you. Our artists create their own designs they’re eager to tattoo. Get the most original Prague souvenir from us – call and get your tattoo today!


Our ‘Cover Up’ service lets you transform an existing tattoo you’re not satisfied with. Revitalize an old tattoo with fresh colors or integrate it into a new design. We’ll advise you on the best makeover based on the tattoo’s location, size, and color. See our before-and-after photos and trust our experts for a worry-free ‘cover up.’

Styly tetování


Choose your tattoo style – be bold and selective!

Each of our artists specializes in a unique style. Whether it’s realistic tattoos by Pashi, mandalas and geometry by Mako, new school/old school by Bogdan, fine strokes and lines by Jana, graphic punk by Tom, or dotwork and abstract tattoos by K-ink – everyone can find their match with us!

Párové tetování


Express your feelings in an original way. Bring your partner, friends, family, or even your beloved pet, and we’ll create tattoos symbolizing your special bond. Can’t decide on a design? Our experienced artists will suggest the perfect theme to capture your bond and create a lasting tribute. Immortalize your love with matching tattoos that reflect the unique connection between you and your loved ones, forever under your skin…


Proper care is crucial for your tattoo’s long-lasting beauty. Follow our expert advice on cleaning and moisturizing to keep your new ink vibrant and enduring.



A beloved foreign artist, Pasha has made our studio his home for over 7 years. Fluent in Czech, his skills are as impressive as his dedication.


The founder of Magic Tattoo Studio, MaK brings his graphic design and animation background into his passion for graphic and geometric styles, dotwork, and abstract tattoos.


Expert in vivid, intensely colored tattoos, Bogdan excels in new school styles, graphic color work, and full-color tattoos.

Mr. K-ink

In a league of his own, Mr. K-Ink’s indescribable style breaks all boundaries, creating wild, energetic abstract tattoos.


Versatile in all styles, Yana has a special love for surrealist themes in both color and black-and-white tattoos and sketches.


Minik is your go-to artist for small, delicate tattoos with fine lines or simple text.


I’m a multidisciplinary, mixed-media artist who has been tattooing since 2015. My art has always been a representation of my personal spiritual journey, regardless of media.

Tumáš čáry

Specializing in color abstraction, Tomáš’s unique style is influenced by punk, graphics, and originality.

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