By choosing the right tattoo style, you can express yourself, your essence, your life stance. Want to express your masculinity, bravery, strength, and life strategy? Choose bold, dynamic tattoos. Minimalist tattoos, on the other hand, underscore tenderness and delicacy. Lately, Zen tattoos have also been quite popular. If you’re not sure which style is most suitable for you, take a look at our tattoo artists’ works and get acquainted with their styles:


Combining black ink outlines with influences from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco, this style often features flowers, female portraits, and animals.

Old school

Known for its bold black outlines and limited color palette, this style embraces nautical themes and classic motifs.


Offering lifelike images, realism in tattoos, a recent trend, mirrors the centuries-old realism movement in art.

Geometric style

Geometric tattoo style uses shapes with personal significance. For example, a circle might represent unity or completeness, while a triangle symbolizes strength, stability, and balance.


Created with numerous dots instead of continuous lines or fillings, these intricate designs offer a unique visual experience from different distances.


Eschewing realistic depictions, abstract tattoos are a whirlwind of shapes, lines, textures, and mixed patterns.

Graphic style

Experience the wild, exclusive style of our Tattoo Artist Tomáš, which you won’t find anywhere else.


Focusing on the essentials, minimalism uses fine lines and dots for small, detail-rich tattoos.

Tetování obličej


Perfect for those who prefer words to images, our inscription tattoos are crafted with precision and grace.

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