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We understand women and respect their requests

We are a studio empathetic towards women and their needs.

We respect your requests and prioritize the individuality of our female clients. Tattoos can beautifully enhance a woman’s body, conceal imperfections, and accentuate physical attributes. Our goal is to ensure that each tattoo not only looks stunning but also complements your natural beauty.

In our studio, you have the option to be tattooed by a skilled female artist in a private setting. This ensures a relaxed and comfortable experience, tailored just for you. We provide guidance on whether your chosen design suits you or help you create a custom design that harmoniously aligns with your body.

Special tattoos for women

Want to be tattooed by a female artist in the privacy of our studio? No problem!

We understand women and strive to meet their tattooing needs to the fullest. As one of the few, we offer a special approach to women who decide to get a tattoo.

To ensure you feel comfortable and safe, get tattooed by a female artist in a separate room of the studio. You can listen to your favorite music and relax in a friendly atmosphere while being in the hands of an expert. We tattoo every part of the body without prejudice. You won’t be bothered with inappropriate suggestions as might happen at other tattoo parlors. We are skilled in creating even the finest lines in tattooing.

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How much will it cost?

Magic Tattoo is known for being one of the more affordably priced studios in Prague.

The price of a tattoo can’t be precisely determined in advance. Factors like complexity, detail, color, size, and skin type all play a role in pricing. Our tattoo artist will give you a preliminary estimate, but keep in mind that it could change based on these factors. The most accurate quote will be provided at our studio.

Our starting price is 2,400 CZK. We invite you to visit us in person for a detailed negotiation – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The price includes the use of materials (ink, disposable cartridges, disinfectants, disposable gloves, and more). If you’re interested in using an anesthetic, its application will be for an additional charge.

For a more accurate price, you can send us a specific picture or photograph of the tattoo and arrange a personal CONSULTATION with us, which is completely FREE.

Gallery of girly tattoos

Want to make an appointment?


Fill out a simple form where you can upload a photo of your chosen tattoo. In the description, specify the desired tattoo location and its estimated size. The form can also be completed without a photo and description.

Want to make an appointment or have a question?

We are here for you and happy to advise.
Email us at ink@magictattoo.cz

Or make a call

To book an appointment, a deposit of 1,000 CZK is required. This deposit will be subtracted from the final price of your tattoo.

Please note: if you fail to show up for your appointment without canceling at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit is non-refundable.


Want to make an appointment or have a question?