párové tetování

An Unforgettable Shared Experience

Express your feelings uniquely and memorably

Bring your best friend for a friendship-sealing tattoo. Invite your mom, dad, aunt, or grandmother to forever etch your family bond under your skin. Or, share this special moment with your child with a meaningful tattoo. On Valentine’s Day, couples can choose a joint tattoo design (note: we ethically refrain from tattooing partner’s names). Immortalize your love with matching tattoos that symbolize your unique connection. With a shared tattoo, you’re always together in spirit!

Struggling to decide on a design? Our skilled tattoo artists are here to suggest themes that resonate with you, capturing your thoughts and celebrating the special bond you share with your loved ones.

How much will it cost?

Magic Tattoo is known for being one of the more affordably priced studios in Prague.

The price of a tattoo can’t be precisely determined in advance. Factors like complexity, detail, color, size, and skin type all play a role in pricing. Our tattoo artist will give you a preliminary estimate, but keep in mind that it could change based on these factors. The most accurate quote will be provided at our studio.

The starting price is 2,300 CZK, and discounts can be negotiated for the same group tattoos.

This price includes all necessary materials (ink, disposable cartridges, disinfectants, gloves, etc.). Please note that if you choose to use an anesthetic, it will incur an additional charge.

To get a more accurate price estimate, send us a picture or photograph of your desired tattoo and book a FREE personal CONSULTATION with us.

Gallery of tattoos for couples

Want to make an appointment?


Fill out a simple form where you can upload a photo of your chosen tattoo. In the description, specify the desired tattoo location and its estimated size. The form can also be completed without a photo and description.

Or write us an email at nove.tetovani@gmail.com You can also contact us by phone at +420 775 930 300

Want to make an appointment or have a question?

We are here for you and happy to advise.
Email us at nove.tetovani@gmail.com

Or make a call

To book an appointment, a deposit of 1,000 CZK is required. This deposit will be subtracted from the final price of your tattoo.

Please note: if you fail to show up for your appointment without canceling at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit is non-refundable.


Want to make an appointment or have a question?